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November 28, 2012

SCHOENE In-Season Update

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I had a couple of readers email me last week asking about an update to the SCHOENE fantasy projections, which is something our peers at Baseball Prospectus and Football Outsiders have historically done. The timing was ideal since I was already working on the in-season projections highlighted on the site this week. Updating SCHOENE was just a matter of copying those over and accounting for injuries, including players who have yet to play this season.

There are some quirks to these projections. Playing time is entirely based on the season so far, meaning that players at positions hit by injury (say Luke Ridnour) will have their future minutes per game overestimated. Still, the in-season projections can help you identify players who are undervalued or overvalued for trades, or give an idea of players who might be worth picking up from the waiver wire.

If you purchased the SCHOENE projections in October, you can download a new version by going to Manage Your Profile. If not, you can still purchase the SCHOENE spreadsheet for $7.95.

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