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November 16, 2012

Now in paperback: College Basketball Prospectus 2012-13

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Just in time for your holiday shopping, head on over to Amazon and get the book that’s being acclaimed far and wide….

“The essential tempo-free tome.” — Luke Winn

“My go-to resource.” — Jay Bilas

“Buy College Basketball Prospectus. Seriously. You’re cheating yourself as a fan if you don’t.” — Andy Glockner

This book brings all of the following characters between two covers: Joey Berlin, Drew Cannon, John Ezekowitz, Asher Fusco, me, Matt Giles, Jeff Haley, Dan Hanner, Jeff Nusser, Kevin Pelton, Ken Pomeroy, Mike Portscheller, Craig Powers, Josh Reed, Nic Reiner, Eddie Roach, Corey Schmidt, and John Templon.

Plus some guy named John Calipari, who chipped in with the Foreword. Seriously, I’ll put this grouping of personnel up against anyone, up to and including the list of stars who’ve guest-voiced on “The Simpsons.” In the last year or two.

And if you prefer your CBP 2012-13 as a snazzy PDF for your iPad, we have that too. Happy shopping, everyone.

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