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October 15, 2012

Nothing except everything’s changed in five years

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Basketball Prospectus made its debut five years ago this week. My motivation in partnering with Ken Pomeroy on the college side of the new venture was simply to create a site that I’d like to visit as a reader, one that would give me trustworthy information and analysis on college basketball.

And in October 2007, there wasn’t a site like that. There were plenty of great college basketball writers, and there were many sites that covered their own beloved team with some of the same tools that Ken and I hoped to throw at all of Division I. But there was no site that could address why Florida had just won back-to-back national championships, or whether Derrick Rose or Michael Beasley would turn out to be the better freshman, or how good Kansas could be without Julian Wright, and do so in a way that would live up to the blurb Portland head coach Eric Reveno would one day give one of our books: It’s not just some guy’s opinion.

Coincidentally I had dinner with Ken last night. He was out East for a friend’s wedding, and we took the opportunity to make the Village Grille in Waldwick, New Jersey, the temporary tempo-free epicenter of the world while the patrons around us watched the Giants vs. the 49ers. Ken and I agreed a lot has changed in five years. Most notably, the amount of trustworthy information and analysis that’s available on college hoops has increased exponentially. As a reader I’ve never been happier.

Also if you’d told me five years ago that John Calipari would be contributing the Foreword for our book (on sale soon) or that Prospectus would be loaning out staffers to advise coaches who keep appearing in the national championship game, I would have been pleased.

But this is no time to be complacent, and 2012 is not my idea of utopia. Not when the RPI still sits contentedly at the same old corner, and national writers intone solemnly that Chrishawn Hopkins‘ dismissal from the program is “a significant blow” to Butler. Apparently five years is not sufficient for the task at hand.

So happy birthday, Prospectus. Happy birthday, and get to work.

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