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March 14, 2012

The second annual Prospectus bracket challenge

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We here at Prospectus wouldn’t be credible hoops writers/fans/analysts/zealots if we didn’t go ahead and fill out brackets, make them public, and invite the public ridicule that is sure to follow. So we’ve created an official Basketball Prospectus bracket group as part of ESPN’s Tournament Challenge.

Join our bracket group here and submit your entry by noon Eastern tomorrow.

The winner(s) will get his/her name(s) emblazoned into the Prospectus permanent record and spread all over various Prospectus Twitters. More importantly the winner(s) will come to know the ineffable analytic satisfaction that comes from saying, “I beat John Gasaway, Kevin Pelton, Drew Cannon, and various other allied know-it-alls with my bracket.”

Last year I correctly identified one — count ’em, one — of the Final Four teams in advance. Believe me, in a season where Connecticut went 9-9 in the Big East, Butler entered the Horizon tournament as a No. 2 seed, and VCU lost five of its last eight pre-NCAA tournament games, I was pretty pleased with myself to have gone with No. 4 seed Kentucky.

Recall that “Kentucky” meant something much different 365 or so days ago. Particularly prior to the SEC tournament, everyone was always yelling at that team. They didn’t have John Wall anymore! They couldn’t win on the road! Picking just one Final Four team represented my worst bracket in years. And I was happy.

Maybe I’ll do better this year. Join our group and find out.

Twitter: @JohnGasaway. Contact: here.

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