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March 7, 2012

I’ve had it with this slow-paced, boring, grind-it-out league

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Every year it’s the same thing. This major conference just keeps getting slower and slower. In 2012 their conference games contained just 63 possessions per 40 minutes, barely enough for one quarter at an NBA All-Star Game. What’s worse, one of this league’s perennial top programs clearly succeeds specifically by going slow.

I speak of course of the SEC and Kentucky. (Who’d you think I was talking about?) In four years the SEC’s tempo has plunged by almost seven full possessions per 40 minutes. At this rate the league will overtake the Big Ten as our nation’s slowest-paced major conference. Seriously.

The SEC’s still a hair faster (63.3 possessions per 40 minutes) than the Big Ten (62.6), but that difference has steadily narrowed to the point where it’s now invisible to the naked eye. Note for example that Kentucky’s conference games this year were slightly slower than an average Big Ten contest.

Be prepared for the “Kentucky games are so boring” comments and “This low-scoring contest I’m watching feels like an SEC game!” jokes on Twitter that are sure to ensue.

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