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December 20, 2011, 11:28 PM ET
Pro Basketball Prospectus 2011-12 Available Now

by Kevin Pelton

Bradford Doolittle and I are thrilled to announce that the Pro Basketball Prospectus 2011-12 is now available for purchase in PDF format for $9.98. Head on over to our PBP 11-12 page to read sample chapters, including the foreword by Toronto Raptors head coach Dwane Casey, and find out more about what is inside the book.

Because of the abbreviated timeline after the lockout, you’ll notice this year’s book looks a little different than past editions. All players are with the team they played for as of June 30, the spacing is somewhat inconsistent and there is as yet no player index. We continue to work on a second version of the book that will be uploaded later this week. You can buy the book now, start reading to prepare for the Christmas Day openers and download version two for no charge when it’s available. This version is, however, updated with all player moves through this morning.

If you’d rather wait for a printed copy, we anticipate the book appearing on Amazon.com shortly and will have an update on the Unfiltered blog when that happens.

(Also, in a development that might be overshadowed, the SCHOENE fantasy spreadsheet has also been updated with the latest moves.)

You can contact Kevin at kpelton@basketballprospectus.com. Follow him on Twitter at @kpelton.

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