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November 27, 2011

Pro Basketball Prospectus 2011-12 Timeline

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When I awoke yesterday morning to find messages of sympathy in my Twitter at replies, I knew two things: A deal had been reached to end the NBA lockout (woohoo!) and it was time to get to work. For those of you who have been wondering, Bradford Doolittle and I will be publishing Pro Basketball Prospectus 2011-12, updated with the player moves that will take place in a hurry once free agency opens.

We anticipate releasing the book prior to the scheduled Christmas Day start of the 2011-12 regular season. Beyond that, we can’t tell you a specific date. In the best of circumstances, release dates for our books tend to fluctuate, and in this case we can’t predict exactly how quickly teams will fill out their rosters and allow us to complete our writing. I’d urge everyone to be patient, and note that we may not be able to tell you any more until the book is actually ready for download.

We’re confident the latest edition of Pro Basketball Prospectus will be worth the wait. We’ve used the extra time to beef up the section of essays in the back of the book with contributions from Prospectus newcomers Dan Feldman, Neil Paine and Sebastian Pruiti. We’ve also lined up a foreword in the traditionĀ  of our college peers. We hope you anticipate reading the book as much as we look forward to publishing it.

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