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November 26, 2011

It’s Morning in the NBA

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Who knew that four words dripping with legalize could bring so much joy: Tentative agreement settlement reached.

This feels like one of those “where were you when you heard it” moments. My first inkling that a settlement was at hand came just before 4 a.m. Mountain time, arriving to me in an NBA city, just not the one in which I reside. I am visiting family in Salt Lake City for the holiday and have been feeling like a man out of time, with a foot seemingly in all four time zones.

Let me explain: Kevin Pelton and I have re-started the Pro Basketball Prospectus 2011-12 machinery and he of course is on the West coast. I am temporarily in the Mountain zone, while trying to stay on top of what was happening back in Chicago. Meanwhile, I’ve had my computer set on Eastern standard time for a couple of weeks, as I use that as my standard to determine my posting schedule for #SimSeason. In any event, I woke up at what here was an absurdly early hour to see the red light blinking on my phone. It was a text from my brother, containing two words: Big News!

That was a bulletin worth waking up to. First reaction: Yes! Second reaction: Oh crap, we’ve got three weeks to get a book out.

Details on the agreement are sketchy at this point. After all, the negotiations didn’t wrap up until the majority of us were safely tucked away in bed. As per my policy, I’d prefer not to analyze points that have been speculated upon but are not yet fact. Let’s wait until we get some hard, verified information from official sources. In their announcement press conference, the principles promised that details would be coming in relatively short order.

Nevertheless, I’ve worked out a posting schedule for the coming week to break down the CBA and related issues as information becomes available. Stay tuned for that. I can tell you for sure that once the revised schedule is released, I’ll be doing an analysis of which teams are the winners and losers, in terms of new strength of schedule factors as opposed to the original schedule.

There is also the matter of Sim Season, a feature that I’ve enjoyed tremendously and one which seems to have accomplished what we originally intended, which was to fill a little bit of the vacuum created by the missing games. In my intro yesterday, I noted that we’d continue Sim Season up to the day of a CBA announcement. I had very little faith that the day would come so soon but, in fact, it was made on that very same day.

But that’s where we’re at and we have to get back to business as usual. That means breaking down the new agreement, covering the coming free-agent frenzy and cranking out the third edition of our preseason annual. It’ll take me a couple of days to coordinate things with our new friends at Strat-O-Matic, but we’ll simulate the rest of the season and I’ll be doing a wrap-up post with those results early next week. A day or two after that, we’ll have a playoff post.

Then it’s back to the real thing, and thank goodness for that. The rest of this weekend, we can put the technicalities aside and bask in the moment. The NBA is back and no matter how much the players and owners have tried our patience over the last few months, I think we all agree that there could be no better news to punctuate our holiday weekends.

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