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May 5, 2011

What I’ll miss about Montreal

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The Gasaway family is wrapping up our sojourn in Montreal. We moved here for my wife’s one-year assignment with her company, and in a few weeks when our two little boys complete their school year we’ll return to the States.

Montreal is not a college hoops hotbed, and its winters are too long. Plus for some inexplicable reason one is not permitted to make a right turn on a red light anywhere on Ile de Montreal. But, these demerits aside, I’ve loved our time inside this small dollop of the Continent, one that has somehow thrived on the North American land mass.

Now, a word about that Continental influence. Prior to moving north of the border I’d lived in Illinois, California, Atlanta, Kansas City, Minneapolis, and Indianapolis. In each locale I’d come home to find flyers stuffed into our mailbox or in between our doors. Typically they advertised companies that would clean my gutters, trim my trees, paint my house, or deliver a pizza.

Not in Montreal. Here’s what I found in our mailbox this week (Franglish in original — their English is five times better than my French):


Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

Montreal based society PRODUCTIONS PIXCOM INC. (PICHE: ENTRE CIEL, TERRE, A VEUX, DESTINEES…) is currently preparing the shooting of a new television series entitled VERTIGE. This 6 episode TV series of one hour will air on SERIES + channel, winter 2012. The actual filming will occur between May 24th and July 14th 2011.

Directed by Patrice Sauve (GRANDE OURSE, CHEECH, LA VIE, LA VIE…), this production tells the story of a young woman’s search for the truth: after having been found unconscious on the ground, she comes out of a long coma, amnesic. What happened that made her fall out of her apartment’s terrace? Suicide, murder attempt, accident? All scenarios are possible…

For the purpose of the script, we are presently looking for specific locations and we believe that your property could be suitable for our needs. We would welcome you to give us the opportunity to explain what this venture entails.

I eagerly await tuning in to SERIES +, whatever that is, in 2012 and seeing chez Gasaway serve as a metaphor for a young woman’s hermeneutic journey from Mile End to Baie-d’Urfe. Patrice Sauve, je vous salue!

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