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March 28, 2011

Basketball Prospectus: Now at the grown-ups’ table

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It’s been a mere 1200 days or so since Ken Pomeroy posted a piece on how best to measure a player’s effectiveness, thereby opening our doors for business here at Basketball Prospectus. Now, near the close of our fourth college season and smack in the middle of our fourth NBA season, I’m pleased to observe another milestone.

The NCAA has granted Prospectus media privileges at this week’s Final Four. Our man Kyle Whelliston will be on-site in Houston, observing keenly, writing perceptively, and just generally enjoying a brief respite where he’s not in a moving car. For some reason he’s fairly exuberant about Saturday’s early game.

Wherever basketball fans are also a bit curious about this here game, Prospectus has often been fortunate enough to find an attentive audience. And I know from personal experience that the NCAA numbers among its staff many curious basketball fans. So I was confident these two facts would net us Final Four access soon. I just didn’t know exactly how soon “soon” was going to be.

Now we know. Alert and au courant analytic hipsters of the NCAA, I salute you!

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