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January 14, 2011

Live chat today at 1ET: Name the dullest team!

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Click here to drop off questions in advance and to join the fun this afternoon. Let’s see, so far it looks like the readers want to know all about:

–The highly competitive Mountain West race between San Diego State and BYU

–“Tempo-free” and “announcers”: Oxymoron? Discuss.

–My current national POY preferences (“gPOY”?) 

Good ones! But just to show I’m a real taskmaster I’m going to give you all an extra-credit assignment. Listen up!

I’m mulling an award for the dullest member of the group of 157 teams covered by Tuesday Truths. In my vision the award would be completely automated, with no messy subjective discretion like I used for the top 25 freshmen. Because, frankly, subjective discretion is a lot of work. It fatigues me. Instead I’m aiming for Pomeroy-style “Look, tweeps, no hands!” algorithmic omniscience. So my award will go to the team that in conference play best combines a really low number for points per possession with a really slow pace.

During today’s chat I’ll be accepting nominations not only for likely winners but also, and perhaps more importantly, for what to name this thing. I’m looking for something pithy, acronym-ready, and instantly explanatory. Get to work! Look forward to chatting with you later today. 

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