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January 10, 2011

Hang with me

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So far, 2011 has been less than stellar for yours truly. I’ve been sick twice, back-to-back. This latest malady is walking pneumonia and is likely to keep me down for at least another few days. In addition, the only computer I have that can open the Excel files that comprise NBAPET was in the shop for a week, which left me unable to do fantasy projections or PBP Roundups.

I’ve got the computer back and as stopgap, I uploaded the fantasy projections that I share each week with Kevin Pelton for his Sit/Start pieces. This is not the full upload with game-by-game projections and the rotations are a little out of date. I’ll try to get a fresher file up later today, but I can’t offer any assurances on that.

For the next few days, my contributions will remain sporadic so, I ask you to hang with me until I get back to full strength. Unfortunately, I have no back-up.

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