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November 30, 2010

Fantasy Projections updated

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I’ve finished making additions / tweaks to the fantasy projection download. The latest version is now available on your ‘Manage Profile’ page.

There are seven basic enhancements to the new version of the Basketball Fantasy Spreadsheet. They are:

1. Playing time: Estimates for minutes now reflect a player’s current place in the team’s rotation and his availability. Previous sheets simply used minutes per game so far this season. The estimates are somewhat based on the season usage number, but more weight is giving to playing numbers from the last two weeks. Also, minutes are adjusted for current team news–injuries, suspensions, etc. Also, note that 10 players per team are projected in any given forecast, reflecting a typical team’s base rotation.

2. Game-by-game projections: The ‘Games’ tab in each spreadsheet lists the single-game projections for each player over the next seven days. Each player game has its own line.

3. Health status: To aid my playing time estimates, I created cells next to the part of my player logistics spreadsheet in which I log daily news. I have passed those along to you here. The cells are marked ‘RED’, ‘GREEN’ OR ‘YELLOW’ and are colored accordingly.

RED — The player is not expected to be available in the next week, whether it’s due to injury, suspension or an assignment to the D-League.

GREEN — The player has been available healthwise in each game over the previous two weeks and there are no indications from current news that he will miss any time in the coming week.

YELLOW — The player has either missed a game due to injury during the previous two weeks, there is current news that indicates he may miss time in the coming week, or he is recovering from an injury and is reportedly close enough to returning that he can be upgraded from ‘RED’.

4. Base positions: The system analyzes the playing time grid and determines at which position the player is most likely to receive the most minutes. This does not reflect eligibility for fantasy leagues.

5. Documentation: The notes tab details the Fantasy Projection system and contains definitions.

6. Three-day archive: The first tab on each sheet will reflect the current seven-day window. The right-most tabs each day will archive the three most-recent days’ worth of forecasts.

7. Daily upload/download: A new sheet will be available for download each day. The aim will be to have them available first thing in the morning.

Hope you enjoy the projections. As always, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, suggestions or comments.

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