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November 15, 2010, 09:03 PM ET
Now available on Amazon: College Basketball Prospectus 2010-11

by John Gasaway

Buy, buy, buy!

And now a tribute to Harold Innis. (No, he’s not a shooting guard for Seton Hall.)

The past couple years I’ve been a little confused by that subset of our devoted readers which obviously wants the Prospectus book at the soonest possible moment, yet nevertheless waits for the print edition. The attitude and the action seemed contradictory to me.

Then I embarked upon this road trip that I’m currently taking. (Talking to the students at Indiana’s Sport Communication program tomorrow. Get ready, group!) For the first time ever I looked at our Prospectus PDF on my road-weary HP laptop instead of looking at it on my panoramic Apple screen at home. I am no longer confused. I now see that, depending on the user’s technology, the identical Prospectus product is either visually “outstanding” or, uh, something else.

But a book’s a book. It’s “product” and “technology” wrapped into one bundle. So buy the physical book this instant.

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