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November 10, 2010, 05:23 PM ET
Introducing Basketball Prospectus Premium (UPDATED)

by Kevin Pelton

As we continue our fourth season of covering both NBA and NCAA hoops here at Basketball Prospectus, the time has come for an important step in the site’s development: Basketball Prospectus Premium. Right now, you’re enjoying a BBP Premium free preview through Sunday. Beginning next Monday, Nov. 15, a Premium subscription will be required to read all of the great content you’re used to seeing at BasketballProspectus.com.

With a free basic subscription, you’ll be able to read Bradford Doolittle’s daily NBA roundups, the Unfiltered blog and select other articles. However, you’ll miss out on an average of 2-3 articles per day featuring Prospectus staples like Every Play Counts breakdowns, NBA Transaction Analysis, John Gasaway’s Tuesday Truths, NCAA Tournament Previews and more original and unique content. As part of the move to a Premium model, we are expanding our ranks of contributors. You’ve already seen the addition of Kyle Whelliston to our NCAA team, while announcements are in store on the NBA side as we beef up what was already the best analytical hoops site on the Web. A Premium subscription also allows you to take advantage of our new comment feature.

You get access to all of this for less than $2 a month. Or, as NBA fans now view all money matters, the Memphis Grizzlies are paying Mike Conley 400,000 Basketball Prospectus subscriptions per year. (Sounds like a bargain in that context, right?) So head on over to our Premium page to subscribe now!

(UPDATE: We’re happy to announce that existing subscribers to any other Prospectus Premium products will get a $5 discount off BBP Premium. Also, check out our Premium page for details on giving a Premium subscription as a gift.)

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