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November 1, 2010

Butler ’10, Mason ’06 combined: Kyle Whelliston joins Prospectus

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I am delighted to announce that Kyle Whelliston is now a regular contributor to Basketball Prospectus.

For six years Kyle has produced the best writing to be found anywhere on the planet on the subject of mid-major college basketball. He’s done so and will continune to do so at his home site, The Mid-Majority. He’s also done so at, at Basketball Times, and in his books, among other places. Now he’ll be doing it here.

I’ve read Kyle right from the start because he tells me things I didn’t know before. If Prospectus has a mission statement, that’s it: find out stuff you didn’t know before–other people will be interested too.

Soon our College Basketball Prospectus 2010-11 book will be out. This year we’ve covered all 345 teams in Division I. (Yes, 345, down from 347 last year. New Orleans and Winston Salem State, we hardly knew ye.)  Speaking knowledgeably about that many teams required the hard work of no fewer than 11 contributors, and when you get the book you’ll learn from Kyle just as I have. Which conference’s coaches talk the most smack at each other (unofficially)? Why does the nation’s leading returning scorer have a story that “not even the most inept college basketball feature writer could mess up”? Which mid-major has no problem at all getting power-conference opponents to come play at its arena? Grab the book, read Kyle, learn, and enjoy.

Everyone here at Prospectus is thrilled to have Kyle joining us. (My minutes from the meeting at Prospectus HQ where we discussed “Whether to bring Kyle on board” start and end with “Well, duh.”) You’ll forgive me if I talk a little smack. As I said when I first learned that Kyle would become a Prospectus contributor, I’ll put our starting five against any site of any size.

Welcome, Kyle. 

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