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July 2, 2010

TMZ: NCAA investigating Kentucky

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This morning TMZ posted a report saying that the NCAA is looking into possible dealings between Kentucky players and professional agents: “According to a source who was interviewed by an NCAA investigator, the agency is interested in at least four players–two current and two who were just drafted by NBA teams.”

In March TMZ reported a story involving then-Oklahoma freshman Tiny Gallon and his relationship with agents, so the website–which usually concerns itself with people who are much better-looking than college basketball players–does at least have a notch in this particular belt already. Still, Jeff Eisenberg at Yahoo! Sports finds the UK story “flimsier” than the Gallon yarn. At this point I would prefer the term “thinly-sourced.” Thinly-sourced stories can turn out to be true, of course, but it does mean we’re still in the basic “Say what?” phase. Cool the torches and pitchforks just yet.  

Fortunately we don’t need to sit and puzzle about TMZ’s source. The University of Kentucky is a taxpayer-supported institution, and if they’ve received a Notice of Inquiry or (a much more substantial) Notice of Allegations from the NCAA, that pdf is on someone’s taxpayer-supported computer. The truth is just a Freedom of Information Act request away. Go to it, Lexington/Louisville media.

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