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April 13, 2010

NBA playoff scenarios

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I’ve gotten a couple of emails wondering about NBA playoff possibilities. The league puts out a semi-daily update of scenarios, but it’s not as ubiquitous as, say, the NFL’s at a similar juncture of its season. So as a public service, I post the NBA release here. The teams listed in BOLD CAPS are locked into a playoff seed. With just two nights left in the season, only 5 of the 16 slots have been locked down. Wow.

2010 NBA Playoff Scenarios

(Updated through Games of Monday, April 12, 2010)





3.  Atlanta or Boston

4.  Boston or Atlanta

5.  Milwaukee or Miami

6.  Miami or Milwaukee


8.  Chicago or Toronto




2.  Dallas or Utah

3.  Denver, Phoenix, Dallas or Utah

4.  Utah, Denver or Phoenix

5.  Phoenix, Denver or Utah

6.  Portland or San Antonio

7.  San Antonio or Portland



Atlanta will be seeded:

  • #3 if Hawks win OR Celtics lose a game
  • #4 if Hawks lose and Celtics win twice


Boston will be seeded:

  • #3 if Celtics win twice and Hawks lose
  • #4 if Hawks win OR Celtics lose a game

Miami will be seeded:

  • #5 if Heat wins OR Bucks lose
  • #6 if Heat loses and Bucks win

Milwaukee will be seeded:

  • #5 if Bucks win and Heat loses
  • #6 if Bucks lose OR Heat wins

Chicago will be seeded:

  • #8 if Bulls win twice OR Bulls win once and Raptors lose.

Toronto will be seeded:

  • #8 if Raptors win and Bulls lose once OR Bulls lose twice.



Denver wins the Northwest Division if Nuggets win or Jazz loses a game.

Utah wins the Northwest Division if Jazz wins both games and Nuggets lose.

Dallas will be seeded:

  • #2 if Mavericks win OR Nuggets win OR Jazz loses a game
  • #3 if Mavericks and Nuggets lose and Utah wins both games

Denver will be seeded:

  • #3 if Nuggets win OR if Jazz lose to Warriors and Suns lose to the Jazz.
  • #4 if Nuggets lose and Suns beat the Jazz.
  • #5 if Nuggets lose and Jazz win both games.

Utah will be seeded:

  • #2 if Jazz wins both games and Mavericks and Nuggets lose.
  • #3 if Jazz wins both games, Mavericks win and Nuggets lose.
  • #4 if Nuggets win and Jazz beat the Suns OR if Nuggets lose and Jazz lose to the Warriors and beat the Suns.
  • #5 if Jazz loses to the Suns.

Phoenix will be seeded:

  • #3 if Nuggets lose and Suns win both games.
  • #4 if Suns lose to the Nuggets and beat the Jazz OR Suns beat Nuggets, lose to the Jazz and Jazz beats the Warriors.
  • #5 if Suns lose both games OR if Suns beat Nuggets and lose to Jazz and Jazz loses to Warriors.

Portland will be seeded:

  • #6 if Blazers win OR Spurs lose
  • #7 if Blazers lose and Spurs win

San Antonio will be seeded:

  • #6 if Spurs win and Blazers lose
  • #7 if Spurs lose OR Blazers win

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