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March 16, 2010, 02:01 AM ET
We broke 100!

by Bradford Doolittle

I’m not actually sure when it happened. I was reading through tonight’s game recaps and box scores and made a mental note of another bout of high-scoring games. It seems like there have been a lot of them lately. So I checked my league-wide numbers and, sure enough, the average team is scoring 100.2 points per game in the NBA this season. The last time I took notice of this number–back in early December, I believe–it was still below the 100-point threshold. It’s not significant that scoring has gone up since then. Scoring always gradually rises over the course of the season. It is significant that the league is back over 100 points per game. It hasn’t happened in 15 years. Scoring fell as low as 93.4 points per game in 2003-04, save for the lockout season in 1998-99. Since this was the topic of my very first piece for Basketball Prospectus way back in November of 2007, I felt compelled to share my joy.

2009-10   100.2
2008-09    99.95
2007-08    99.92
2006-07    98.7
2005-06    97.0
2004-05    97.2
2003-04    93.4
2002-03    95.1
2001-02    95.5
2000-01    94.8
1999-00    97.5
1998-99    91.6
1997-98    95.6
1996-97    96.9
1995-96    99.5
1994-95   101.4

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