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March 8, 2010

Welcome to Championship Week!

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Man, how we do love this time of year at Basketball Prospectus. Ken Pomeroy and I are so enthused that we snuck into the Prospectus break room and threw sacks over NBA guys Kevin Pelton and Bradford Doolittle, just like Borat to their Pamela Anderson. Then we gave them a quick primer on this so-called “traveling” rule that we have in the college game, and put them to work previewing this week’s conference tournaments.

Here’s what we have lined up….

Today: Pomeroy drew the short straw so he had to write up the 16-team Big East tournament.

Tomorrow: Left Coast denizen Pelton breaks down the odd spectacle of a nine-team Pac-10 tournament, while longtime Kansas City resident Doolittle tackles Gates vs. Arthur Bryant and other thorny issues in his Big 12 tourney preview.

Wednesday: Championship Week reaches a fever pitch with three, count ’em three, previews. I’ll jump in at long last with some deep thoughts on the 57th annual ACC tournament. Mr. Doolittle will return for a considered and judicious take on the Big Ten get-together in Indy. And I’ll wrap things up with my take on the SEC tournament in Nashville.

The analysis will be lucid, lilting, and log5-fueled, guaranteed. This isn’t your usual weak-tea drive-by “previewing” we’re talking about. You know, “Team X has the fewest losses so they’re the favorite and blah-blah so-on so-forth.” March is too sublime for that stuff! If you appreciate reality-based hype-free team assessments and want to know the actual impact of arcane conference seeding rules, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll be here all week. Enjoy!   

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