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November 10, 2008

Daily Ten: The Weekend

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Tripling up on Daily Ten today, with the results from the weekend.
Nov. 7-9 (7.5% of season complete, 92/1230 games)

Sunday’s games

1. boozer,carlos_uta 11.4
2. allen,ray_bos 11.3
3. prince,tayshaun_det 11.1
4. randolph,zach_nyk 8.7
5. bryant,kobe_lal 8.5
6. hilario,nene_den 8.3
7. billups,chauncey_den 7.9
8. martin,kevin_sac 7.6
9. vujacic,sasha_lal 7.3
10. mayo,oj_mem 7.0

Saturday’s games

1. james,lebron_cle 15.3
2. howard,dwight_orl 15.3
3. gordon,ben_chi 12.5
4. o’neal,shaquille_phx 12.3
5. paul,chris_nwo 10.7
6. murphy,troy_ind 9.2
7. bogans,keith_orl 9.1
8. foster,jeff_ind 8.9
9. bell,charlie_mil 8.2
10. sessions,ramon_mil 8.0

Friday’s games

1. gordon,ben_chi 17.3
2. artest,ron_hou 12.3
3. anthony,carmelo_den 11.1
4. quinn,chris_mia 10.3
5. varejao,anderson_cle 10.0
6. bibby,mike_atl 9.8
7. kirilenko,andrei_uta 9.7
8. johnson,joe_atl 8.7
9. stojakovic,peja_nwo 8.5
10. hilario,nene_den 7.6

Explanation of gRATE here:

Center court

O.J. Mayo snuck in at No. 10 on Sunday, which makes it a good time to point out that Mayo is off to an excellent start. Back in June, I stated that I thought that this was a three-player draft as far as elite players go. Everyone pointed to Derrick Rose and Michael Beasley, but I thought Mayo could hang with both of those guys. Mayo’s early results are encouraging. His 9.0 WP82 (wins produced per 82 games) is tops among rookies and 18th overall in the league. Mayo figured to be an high-usage, low-efficiency type as a rookie. He may yet turn out to be just that. However, so far, he’s posted a 50.4 eFG% while using 27% of available possessions. After Mayo, Derrick Rose is 24th in the league at 8.4 WP82 and Rudy Fernandez is 53rd at 6.8. Beasley hasn’t even been the best rookie in Miami’s starting lineup. Mario Chalmers (6.1 WP82, 66th) has outplayed Beasley (3.9 WP82, 141st).

In the news

  • With Tony Parker out for a month, Spurs rookie George Hill, from IUPUI, is going to get much more court time, according to R.C. Buford. Hill was a bit of a surprise as San Antonio’s first-round pick, but score one for the stat guys. Hill had the best offensive rating in the nation last season among high-usage players in Pomeroy’s system.
  • Wilson Chandler has moved ahead of David Lee as the Knicks’ starting power forward. So far this season, Chandler has posted 2.0 WP3K (wins produced per 3,000 minutes). Lee is at 6.2.
  • Chris Paul will look to extend an impressive start to his season when the Hornets host the Lakers on Wednesday. Paul is the first player ever to have 20+ points and 10+ assists in his first six games to start a season. Paul leads the league in WP82 at 13.7.

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