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February 2, 2010

Things go from bad to worse for the Celtics

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Reports out of Boston indicate that Paul Pierce may have a broken foot, which would knock him out of action indefinitely. For those suggesting that the aging Celtics were nearing a tipping point … this may have been it.

The reports aren’t confirmed. Danny Ainge told ESPN Boston, “We basically don’t know the extent of the injury. The doctors don’t have all the information to make the decision.”

Ainge added that the team expects to make an announcement tomorrow. Celtics fans will have their fingers crossed, hoping for some good news. There are a near infinite array of possible fractures when it comes to the human foot. Pierce could be out for the duration, or he could return in a few weeks. I broke that little ball joint between the big toe and the rest of my foot in high school, during basketball season. I was out about five weeks, so the words “fracture” and “foot” aren’t necessarily a season-ender. Right now, we just don’t have enough information to go on.

However, if the reports are correct and Pierce does have some kind of fracture, the Celtics are in real trouble. With Ray Allen looking like he’s moved onto the role player phase of his career and Kevin Garnett showing no signs of recovering his pre-2008-09 form, this version of the Celtics could be effectively doomed without Pierce. Boston could probably get through the regular season in decent shape, but the chances of Doc Rivers being able to get his veteran squad healthy and working together in an optimum fashion by the time the meat of the playoffs arrives would be minimal.

There is also the possibility of a collapse. The Celtics have been having enough trouble lately, barely getting past the Wizards last night to end a three-game losing streak. Without their best offensive player, the Celtics could conceivably slide down the seeding latter and end up with a first-round series against the Hawks or Magic. Suffice to say, the next 24 hours will be tense for Celtics fans.

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