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November 7, 2008

Daily Ten: Wednesday and Thursday

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We’re doubling up on the Daily Ten today, after a 13-game slate on Wednesday and an interesting doubleheader on Thursday. The night before last was marked by a slew of outstanding individual performances. In fact, seven of the 10-best gRATEs so far this season were posted on Wednesday. That’s pretty remarkable, if you think about it. We all heard about LeBron, Amare and Mr. Longoria, but Dwyane Wade, Tayshaun Prince and Mike Miller were also had great games.

Thursday’s TNT ritual was featured the perplexing Sixers in the opener and a fantastic game in Portland, which Kevin Pelton caught in the flesh. Philadelphia was coming off a turnover-laden shellacking in Miami and were handled pretty easily by Orlando despite actually winning the Samuel Dalembert/Dwight Howard matchup. More on the Sixers below. Meanwhile, up in the Rose Garden, Pelton and company were treated not to one thrilling finish, but three of them.

Nov. 6 (5.3% of season complete, 65/1230 games)

Daily Ten: Thursday’s games

1. outlaw,travis_por 10.9
2. nelson,jameer_orl 8.1
3. mcgrady,tracy_hou 7.7
4. lewis,rashard_orl 4.4
5. aldridge,lamarcus_por 4.0
6. dalembert,samuel_phi 3.0
7. turkoglu,hedo_orl 2.8
8. alston,rafer_hou 2.3
9. ivey,royal_phi 2.2
10. williams,louis_phi 1.7

Daily Ten: Wednesday’s games

1. parker,tony_sas 18.0
2. wade,dwyane_mia 17.7
3. prince,tayshaun_det 14.2
4. miller,mike_min 13.8
5. james,lebron_cle 12.3
6. gordon,ben_chi 12.3
7. stoudemire,amare_phx 12.2
8. wallace,gerald_cha 10.3
9. calderon,jose_tor 9.8
10. paul,chris_nwo 8.2

Season-best gRATEs (through Thursday): Here’s a peak at the top single-game performances in with just over five percent of the NBA season in the books.

1. paul,chris_nwo 18.8 (11/1/08)
2. parker,tony_sas 18.0 (11/5/08)
3. wade,dwyane_mia 17.7 (11/5/08)
4. prince,tayshaun_det 14.2 (11/5/08)
5. miller,mike_min 13.8 (11/5/08)
6. howard,dwight_orl 13.1 (11/1/08)
7. wallace,gerald_cha 12.3 (11/1/08)
8. james,lebron_cle 12.3 (11/5/08)
9. gordon,ben_chi 12.3 (11/5/08)
10. stoudemire,amare_phx 12.2 (11/5/08)

Explanation of gRATE here:

Center court
Coming off a strong second-half finish and a near-upset of the Pistons in the playoffs followed by the acquisition of free-agent Elton Brand, the Sixers seemed poised to become one of the prime challengers to the Celtics in the East. Philly has struggled to a 2-4 start, dropping all three of its road games. Brand has helped the Sixers become the league’s top offensive rebounding team in the early going, but the offense has lacked cohesion.

Philadelphia’s offensive pecking order, or lack thereof, was on full display Thursday night. Andre Miller took 24 shots (hitting seven of them) and had two assists while Brand took just eight shots. For the season, Miller has led Philly in FGAs despite a 39.2 eFG%. On the positive side, Thaddeus Young (59.1 eFG%) has blossomed as a jump shooter in his second season and the fact that he is second on the 76ers in FGAs is a good thing — he gives the Mo Cheeks’ team more inside-outside balance. But that only works if Brand is getting touches in the post and Andre Iguodala is slashing to the basket.

There is still ample upside on this Sixers roster, but Cheeks needs to get his offense fixed and his defense needs to get back to forcing turnovers.

In the news

  • Funny broadcaster observation: After Troy Murphy went on a three-point flurry during the second quarter of Wednesday’s Pacers-Suns game, Indiana’s Quinn Buckner mentioned how Murphy’s ability as a jump shooter tilted his matchup with Amare Stoudemire heavily in the Pacers’ favor. Stoudemire went on to go 17-of-21 from the floor and 15-of-15 from the foul line. Murphy had those four three-pointers — and nothing else.
  • Any “Arrested Development” fans out there? I can’t help but chuckle whenever an arena pumps out “The Final Countdown” during end-of-the-game timeouts. If you haven’t seen the show, I can’t even begin to explain why this is funny.
  • All hail the NBA for its new LeaguePass Broadband player. Three games at once, switch from game-to-game seamlessly and quickly. Switch audio instantaneously. Awesome. Games are archived quickly, too. The one shortcoming is that national games are blacked out. I don’t get this. How is it hurting the national broadcast outlets to have those games available for streaming? It’s the same broadcast and you could show the same commercial breaks that you have to watch on the tube only you can’t fast forward through them like you an with a DVR. Besides, how many people would really choose watch the game on their computer over their television unless they were in a position where they had no choice? Also, the NBA could at least make those national games available in the archives, such as MLB does with its Extra Innings broadband option.

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