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January 28, 2010

Don Jackson is to clairvoyance what NBC is to succession planning

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Mississippi State freshman Renardo Sidney still isn’t eligible (you’ll find an uncommonly perceptive and well-written background piece here), and so this week his lawyer Don Jackson did what he always does. He sent out a press release and said in effect: Hey, this thing’s just about wrapped up! Renardo should be on the floor anytime now!

At which point the NCAA did what it always does. They released a statement and said in effect: With the possible exception of characters in a Tennessee Williams play, we’ve never seen anyone who can blend a strikingly tenuous grasp on reality with an unceasing and indeed unquenchable thirst for the limelight quite like Don Jackson.

OK, the NCAA doesn’t really talk like that. More like: “Mr. Jackson is wrong in his description of Renardo Sidney, Jr’s., initial-eligibility status, and he continues to demonstrate a lack of understanding of the Amateurism Certification Process.”  

So if you have an RSS reader, it plays out like this every time. An item from a reputable outlet (in this case pops up: “Renardo Sidney could be on the court soon.” Wow! Really? (Click on item, insert Homer Simpson whiny voice.) Oh, it’s not reality. It’s just Don Jackson again.

Though to be fair, I guess the words of Sidney’s attorney have actually displayed a certain Dewey-Defeats-Truman consistency in relation to subsequent events. Jackson says Saints, you bet Colts.    

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