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January 12, 2010

Redd Ramifications

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Two weeks short of a year after tearing his left ACL and left MCL on Jan. 24, 2009, Milwaukee Bucks guard Michael Redd suffered the same injury Sunday against the L.A. Lakers. The Bucks made it official yesterday, announcing that Redd is out from the season.

Here’s what Prospectus injury expert Will Carroll, co-editor of The Carroll Guide to Sports Injuries, had to say about Redd tearing the same ACL for a second time:

Same knee common? It’s … well, its just lightning striking twice. He obviously taxes it and there should be strength. We’ll assume he rehabbed right and came back with clearance. It’s pretty unusual. It’s not common, but I bet it’s almost a mathematical pattern. If 1 percent of all players tear their ACLs, then 1 percent of all ACL returnees tear it again. Bad luck.

From a physical perspective, Carroll indicated the fact that it is the same knee should not necessarily complicate Redd’s rehabilitation, which seems to render talk of this injury being career threatening premature. Of course, the mental angle is a little different. For Redd to have worked so hard to come back only to suffer the same injury again is a tough blow, as he made clear during an interview before last night’s Milwaukee game in Phoenix.

Of course, playing again is not the same as returning to the same level. Redd was already struggling this season. He was shooting 30.0 percent from three-point range, down from a previous career low of 35.0 percent. His two-point percentage plunged even more dramatically to 37.3 percent from a previous worst of 46.3 percent. It’s easy to imagine Redd, for whom quickness will be an issue, remaking himself as a shooting specialist off the bench like Dale Ellis at the tail end of his career, but his days as a star player are almost certainly over–if they weren’t already.

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