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January 12, 2010

Gasaway reviews evidence, declares Gasaway right

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On Sunday night Oregon State won at Oregon for the first time since 1993, and I conveyed my wonder at this turn of events in real time as a tweet and the morning after as a bottom-feeder bullet point in a customarily unwieldy “Weekend in Hoops” post. Then (insert “Jaws” music here) Kevin Pelton came from out of nowhere, twirling his Snidely Whiplash mustache, laughing wickedly, and dropping the graph-fueled-gotcha on yours truly:

Normally, John Gasaway and I are almost always on the same page. However, I must disagree with my esteemed colleague from the state of Illinois on the matter of the Oregon State Beavers.

Hey, my birth certificate might say Memorial Hospital, Springfield, Illinois, but I’ll put my state of Oregon chops up against anyone’s! I’ve received horrifically bad customer service from a walk-up coffee place in Lincoln City; savored the food and wondered about the name at that city’s most popular breakfast spot; passed one of my favorite New Year’s Days ever in Coos Bay; spent a dismal business-mandated week at what for leisure purposes would have been a beautiful downtown Portland hotel; frolicked in unseasonably warm temperatures in that city’s exquisite Washington Park; retrieved a balloon for my kid at the Red Robin in Medford; thrown snowballs in June at Crater Lake; and dropped in on the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland. My hoops analytical Awakening occurred during my left coast years and, by Godfrey, I will not be out-West Coast Biased!    

I’m not sure Kevin and I are truly disagreeing about Oregon State. He thinks the Beavers are inconsistent, a well nigh incontestable description of a team with their resume. I just happen to think additionally that OSU has to date performed at a level equivalent to a fairly bad inconsistent team. 

Let us acknowledge that there is Bad Oregon State and Good Oregon State. Bad Oregon State, obviously, is one of the five worst teams in D-I. But even Good Oregon State is no world-beater. Far and away their best win of the year was their victory in Eugene, which, at the risk of being tautological, is precisely why I was surprised as I watched said victory unfold. Kevin himself seemed to be a little caught off guard by the Beavers’ unprecedented effectiveness as he watched the second half of that game. I dare say he was right to be.         

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