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January 8, 2010

Coming March 8: Top 25 Freshmen of 2010

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I am writing this post for one reason and one reason only. Its existence will force me to do a year-end version of the Top 25 Freshmen list that I unveiled this week. (There was an addendum too.)

Last year I said I’d update my January 2009 list with a final one at the end of the season but, minus an insultingly specific yet obviously necessary paint-me-into-a-corner headline like the one above, it never happened. In my defense March is a busy time here at the luxe Google-style campus that the Prospectus Family of Networks maintains for its hoops types. Be that as it may, this year I vow to make it happen. Watch for it. 

Meantime allow me to exult in the avalanche of responses I’ve received that were of an almost intoxicatingly high quality. If this week’s emails and tweets are any indication, the day is fast approaching when my tedious tempo-free proselytizing will have been relegated to the dustbin of history. And please join me in giving a standing O to the notably dedicated fans of Wake Forest and the incredible astroturfing they’ve done this week on behalf of C.J. Harris.

Note additionally that the list was linked promiscuously enough for me to receive a like number of responses from folks who are apparently new to the Prospectus party. To all the new arrivals, a word:

Welcome! Here’s the deal. For better or worse this list was intended to be all-performance and no-hype. That doesn’t mean my choices are apodictic, of course. Merely that this is the particular window we’re looking through. It’s practically our shtick. After all, you hardly need Prospectus to come up with a list of the biggest freshman Names at high-major programs. You can do that yourself rolling out of bed. 

The above paragraph will resurface as Terms & Conditions on March 8. Click “agree.”     

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