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December 16, 2009

Vocally Big Ten-averse since 1990: Boeheim

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Yesterday the Big Ten announced it will investigate the notion of expanding, and over the past 24 hours there’s been a good deal of discussion centering on which school might make the best 12th member.

I said yesterday I didn’t think Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim would ever want to leave the Big East because he was so instrumental in building it into the swaggering hoops beast that it is today. Maybe I was understating the case. Alert reader Leonard G. has sent me an absolutely priceless clip from the November 8, 1990 issue of the Penn State Daily Collegian. At that time the Nittany Lions had just announced their intention to join the Big Ten.

And Boeheim? He was not thrilled by Penn State’s move. Headline: “Boeheim blasts PSU’s decision to join Big Ten”….

I guarantee, and you can write a story, Penn State basketball will never be successful in the Big Ten. I will give you my heart if they are. I’m talking ever. Just not going to happen.


The whole discussion came from talking about Miami coming to the Big East and how that saved us [Syracuse] from maybe having to go to the Big Ten. What I said was, there is no way Syracuse [football] could win in the Big Ten or the ACC. And I’m talking Syracuse. And now that Penn State is going, they would have an even lesser chance.

I repeat. Boeheim will not be heading up the Let’s Join the Big Ten! committee at Syracuse any decade soon. 

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