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December 11, 2009

A plea to the electorate

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Yesterday, the NBA released the early returns on the All-Star voting. I don’t usually pay much attention to these things, but I couldn’t help but take notice of these results. Tracy McGrady, who hasn’t played in an NBA game since Feb. 9, is currently the second-leading vote getter among Western Conference guards. As such, if the ASG were played today, McGrady would be starting for the West.

As a public service, I’m posting the link to the voting page at Please go vote early and vote often, as they say here in Chicago. Steve Nash is just a few thousand votes behind McGrady and would make a fine choice to start alongside Kobe Bryant.

As I say, I don’t usually give a rat’s ass about who plays in the All-Star Game but this is a little different. Who are these people that are voting for McGrady? If they are such big fans, then surely they are aware that he, you know, hasn’t played this season. Geesh. I’m not an advocate on fans voting anything, I must confess. Of course, I’m also partial to Plato’s notion of the philosopher-king, so a populist I am not …

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