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November 10, 2009

On tap: Bulls-Nuggets (His name is Earl edition) and other housekeeping notes

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I’m on another H-Pro outing at the United Center tonight, where the Bulls will try to keep their home record perfect against the Nuggets, who will have played six of their eight games on the road after tonight.

One of the main storylines from the UC will be the season debut of Denver super-sub J.R. Smith. Only don’t call him J.R. — Smith now wants to be called by his given name of Earl. Smith is a third generation Earl in his family so, officially, he is now Earl Smith III. Works for me — anything to differentiate his name from the other J.Smiths in the NBA is chicken soup for my database’s soul.

I’ll also be scouting Ty Lawson, tracking Vinny Del Negro’s rotation in the absence of Tyrus Thomas and watching the intriguing matchup between Carmelo Anthony and a resurgent Luol Deng. I’ll be Tweeting during the game. Catch up with me at @bdoolittle.

Some other BP-related notes:

* We’ll have our stats up and running in the next day or two. The hold up is entirely me. I’ve been revamping NBAPET, as I do every year about this time, it seems. This time, however, the overhaul is major as I’m converting it from a box score-based system to a play-by-play-based system. I’m beyond excited about the possibilities, but the task of decoding play-by-play is stretching me to the limit of my data-parsing abilities. The going is slow. Since I’ve been working on that, I haven’t been coding box scores and thus NBAPET 2009-10 is empty. I’m close to finishing a workaround which will allow me to keep our data updated until I finish the play-by-play parser. (I will make absolutely no promises as to when that might be finished.) I’ll be working off of aggregate data rather than box scores so there will likely be a couple of casualities in terms of metrics I used to compile from the game-by-game set-up of my database.

* I have a back log of half-finished analytical pieces and features. I’ll do my best to start rolling those out this week. The problem has been the NBAPET overhaul. I am horrible about balancing time between projects. I get zeroed in on one thing and it’s all I can think about until it’s finished. But you guys need stuff to read, so hang in there with me.

* Yes, I will be doing the Hoops List this year. I am aiming for Monday publishing on that, though I’ve obviously missed that already this week. The first one will be up right after I finish the aforementioned workaround for the fact that I’m not coding box scores. Until I do, I have no power ratings to assign to the teams.

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