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November 2, 2008

Daily Ten: Saturday’s games

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The Hornets’ Chris Paul had the game of the early NBA season. Paul had 24 points on 13 FGA, with 15 assists against 1 turnover. Meanwhile, his Cavalier counterpart, Mo Williams, was 5-of-15 from the field and committed 4 turnovers. The disparity of that matchup alone was too much for Cleveland to overcome on the road.

Nov. 1 (3.2% of season complete, 39/1230 games)

1. paul,chris_nwo 18.8
2. howard,dwight_orl 13.1
3. wallace,gerald_cha 12.3
4. lewis,rashard_orl 11.9
5. herrmann,walter_det 11.6
6. young,thaddeus_phi 10.2
7. barnes,matt_phx 9.8
8. fernandez,rudy_por 9
9. moon,jamario_tor 8.8
10. kirilenko,andrei_uta 8.6

Explanation of gRATE here:

Center court
Walter Herrmann has shown up on the Daily Ten twice now in the first week. On Saturday, against the Wizards, Herrmann had 16 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists and shot 6-of-9 from the field in 23 minutes. Overall, the Pistons have been very effective on offense during the early season, posting the second-best offensive efficiency (116.4) in the league. The Spurs lead at 119.3. Hey, it’s early.

In the news

  • A big problem for the Jazz last season was turnovers on the offensive end. Not so on Saturday. The Jazz set a franchise record with only five turnovers against the Clippers. This comes with Deron Williams missing his second-straight game with an ankle sprain. The Jazz and Clippers have a turnaround game on Monday. Williams is expected to miss that one, too.
  • Also missing Saturday’s game — as well as Monday’s return match — was Williams’ Clipper counterpart, Baron Davis, who has a bum hip.

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