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October 29, 2008

Daily Ten: Opening Night

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I’m calling this the ‘Daily 10′ even though I have no idea if I’ll be able to do this exercise every day. Damn those day jobs.

The idea is to simply list the top 10 performers from the previous night, according to my tracking system, NBAPET. Each box score reassigns credit and blame for each point that is scored, based on the box score categories, the number of possessions used and NBAPET’s best estimate for performance on the defensive end. The final number — I call it gRATE because, well, all the good stat names are already taken — is a positive or negative integer. When you tally up the gRATE figures for each team, the sum is equal to the final point differential in the game. So, taking last night for an example, the Celtics beat the Cavs by five. The sum of the Celtics’ individual gRATEs is +5; for Cleveland it’s -5. The calculation is complicated; the expression is simple.

Along with the top 10 gRATE, I’ll add a few notes spotlighting one of the players and maybe touch upon one or two news items. the whole thing will be very succinct.

OCT. 28

1. farmar,jordan_lal 7.4
2. allen,tony_bos 6.2
3. redd,michael_mil 6.0
4. rondo,rajon_bos 5.6
5. gordon,ben_chi 5.5
6. gasol,pau_lal 5.3
7. bryant,kobe_lal 5.2
8. powe,leon_bos 4.9
9. fernandez,rudy_por 4.8
10. gadzuric,dan_mil 4.4

Center court
How did Jordan Farmar end up on top despite shooting 2-of-8 from the field? The rest of his line was solid: 6 rebounds, 6 assists, a three-pointer and 4-of-4 from the foul line. Most importantly to NBAPET, however, Farmar gets credit for the abysmal performance by Portland’s Jerryd Bayless in his NBA debut: 3 points, 0 assists, 1-of-5 shooting, 2 turnovers in 15 minutes.

In the news

  • In something of a surprise, the Bobcats waived second-year forward Jermareo Davidson, the former Alabama big man. Davidson didn’t show much in his 38 games with Charlotte last season but did post a PER over 20 in six D-league games. Apparently, he had a hard time picking up Larry Brown’s system. That dropped Charlotte’s roster to 14, one under the league limit. The Bobcats filled that spot later by signing journeyman Linton Johnson III, who was waived by Washington a few days ago.
  • Austin Croshere wasn’t out of work for long. Forced out in Indiana because of the Larry Bird/Jamaal Tinsley stalemate, Croshere latched on with the Bucks. Croshere was one of the few players on the market capable of performing the impossible: weakening Milwaukee’s defense. The Bucks waived Adrian Griffin to open a spot for Croshere.


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