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May 9, 2009

Dallas blew it

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The Mavericks-Nuggets game just ended and the Dallas Mavericks are running around, acting like a bunch of buffoons because they just fell into a 3-0 hole from which they will not escape. The play that set them off was Carmelo Anthony’s three-pointer with one second left, which turned out to be the game-winner.

Antione Wright had attempted to give a foul just before Anthony’s shot. He did so by bumping ‘Melo with his chest, not once, but twice. On the second one, Anthony doled out as much of a blow as he took and his progress towards the spot he was trying to get to wasn’t really impeded. Was it a foul? Maybe. Probably. But not definitely. When you’re giving a foul, give it. Wright had a chance to wrap up Anthony and he didn’t do it. He just bumped him. The whistle probably should have been blown, but it wasn’t. So Wright screwed up.

Wright then screwed up again. Assuming that the whistle had blown, he stopped playing. That is a cardinal sin — in any sport. Anthony kept right on going and drilled the game-winner. Everyone on the Dallas sideline, including Rick Carlisle and Mark Cuban, was going ballistic. The fact of the matter is that they had no one to blame but themselves. Well, Antione Wright specifically. In any event, don’t take it out on the officials. I’m sure it’ll be played up differently in the national media, of which I guess we’re a part, but I don’t see anything controversial about that ending.

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