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April 20, 2009

Road warriors: WRITETHRU

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Four road teams won game one in the first round of the playoffs this past weekend. Wow. As these were all series openers, in each case, it was the lower-seeded team that won. How unusual is that?

I’m not sure of the exact answer to my own question, but I did check last season. In the 86 games played in last year’s NBA playoffs, lower-seeded teams won six road games. Six of 86. This year: Four of eight.

EDIT: Of course, the lower-seeded team isn’t actually always the road team, so that means the ‘six of 86’ business is all wrong. I apologize for the misinformation. I blame nature, which has imbued me with a beauty of a respiratory infection that has sucked the lifeforce out of me going on 10 days now. Just in time for the playoffs!

I don’t know if there is a full article worth writing on this subject, but if one were to try, the inevitable question would be: Why? Well, two days worth of results don’t tell us much. Right now, it’s just interesting trivia. However, it’s worth noting that two of those home favorites that bit the dust on Saturday (Boston and San Antonio) were missing a member of its core trio. I suspect that if we uncovered similar NBA playoff seasons that did not hold to form, we’d find a similar story.

That’s not to suggest that after two days, we know that this year’s bracket won’t hold to form. I’m just saying …

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