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March 26, 2009

Chat Today, PLUS Ads the Readers Like!

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Join me today for the live chat thing as we prep for the Sweet 16. Click here starting at noon Eastern to go live or do it earlier and submit your question in advance. What’s on your mind? Allegations at Connecticut? Mass exodus at Iowa? Let me hear from you! 

And because I believe no Unfiltered post should be limited to a shameless plug for a chat, please accept the latest results from my town-hall forum on the ads we’ve all been seeing during these games.

To recap: on Tuesday I noted that I’ve literally seen more ads in the past six days than I had in the previous six months. I therefore threw the floor open for nominations and asked you, the reader, to tell me your most and least favorite ad that you’ve encountered during the tournament.

Yesterday we covered that “least favorite” angle and found a clear winner. (Hint: Does your watering hole feature a concealed control panel where the bartender can alter the outcome of basketball games? Would you want it to? I thought not.) But lest we at Unfiltered be accused of only having a torch for burning and no hammer for building, I today present ads that pass muster with the notoriously discriminating readers of this here blog. 

As far-fetched as the Buffalo Wild Wings ad, but good
The McDonald’s filet-o-fish ad is a perfect example of post-modern minimalism and conforms almost perfectly to the Dogme 95 collective of film-making that values purity and eschews gimmickry.

Plus it has a singing fish.
Rob I.

For reasons that I cannot explain, I love the McDonald’s ad with the singing fish on the wall, despite the fact that:

1) I don’t like McDonald’s food in general.

2) The cultural reference (Big Mouth Billy Bass) peaked in popularity eight years ago, making it about as timely as Zubas and Furbies.

3) Even though there are two actors in the commercial, neither one has a speaking role.

4) The principal actor (bearded guy eating the sandwich) is slightly obese.

5) The lyrics to the song, and the later shot of the fish sandwich being torn apart to expose the breaded white fish, oddly emphasize the connection between the cute animal and your dinner, which is a bit strange.

But still, every time that commercial comes on, I stop talking, listen intently, and hum along/smile awkwardly.

Corporate behemoth plucks heartstrings quite well
Easily the best commercial is the AT&T spot where the dad is traveling for business and his daughter puts her stuffed monkey in his briefcase. The dad proceeds to use his cell to take pictures of the monkey doing various things throughout the trip and sends them to his daughter. At the end she’s elated to find a picture from their front lawn and she greets him with a big hug at the door.

It just works for me. Also I remembered what product it was for (shockingly). The “more bars in more places” tag is invoked subtly as you see adjacent items increasing in size from left to right. (Who needs that many baguettes?) The little girl is cute, too.
Ben A. 

“It’s workin’!” Man talking to wife in the hotel room while standing in the bathroom, discovers extra shampoo and expresses happiness to wife. She says, “It’s only because they’re trying to get you to write a good review on” Man proceeds to open both shampoo bottles and generously applies shampoo to his dry head, proclaiming: “It’s workin’! They got me! It’s workin’!”

Simple, effective, hysterical.
Pat A.

Favorite commercial for several Marches running? Three words: Weak. Tot. Action.
Jerry H. 

Best commercial of the tournament is Sonic’s tater tot rejection spot. I know it’s a bit old, but I still laugh every time I see it.

“Rejected! You take that tot strong to the mouth or you don’t take it at all!”

Second place is a tie between the Sonic ad where the guy hurt his shoulder working the remote and the one where he’s drawing up a play on the clipboard.
Billy R. 

Good work, readers! Keep your eyes peeled the next four days and let me know if anything new captures your fancy. 

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