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March 25, 2009

Chat Tomorrow, PLUS Readers No Likey this Ad

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Join me tomorrow at noon Eastern for the live chat thing. Click here tomorrow to go live or do it now and submit your question in advance. All topics welcomed! Though that obscure happening known as the Sweet 16 would seem to be a rather apposite site for discussion.

And because I believe no Unfiltered post should be limited to a shameless plug for a chat, please accept the initial results from my town-hall forum on the ads we’ve all been seeing during these games.

To recap: yesterday I noted that I’ve literally seen more ads in the past six days than I had in the previous six months. I therefore threw the floor open for nominations and asked you, the reader, to tell me your most and least favorite ad that you’ve encountered during the tournament.

As far as least favorite, we have a clear winner. Oh do we have a winner.

“Hey, send it in to overtime!” 
I really hate those Buffalo Wild Wing commercials. What kind of bizarre alternate universe is this where you have to go home as soon as the game ends and the thought of going home is so awful that the guy in the “Boston” shirt is cheering when his own players get hurt?

Rob M. 

I suspect this will be a popular choice, but I am particularly bothered by the Buffalo Wild Wings commercial. Though I’ve never frequented one, I will stipulate that I’m sure it’s a great place to watch sports.

But no matter how fantastic it is, under no circumstances would any self-respecting fan actually root for their team to blow, or be prevented from making due to an otherworldly camera flash, a wide-open game-winning layup merely to spend more time at the restaurant during overtime. Yet that is exactly what this commercial asks us to believe by showing us “Boston” fans cheering after two of their players are considerably harmed by outside interference.

I just don’t buy it, and it bothers me.

Elliot S.

If I’d seen it once, I’d be OK with it. But the fact that it leads off every single commercial break allows me way too much time to analyze it. Given that amount of time, I’ve realized that it’s vaguely horrifying for a few guys in a bar to ruin a sporting event for everyone else by manipulating the outcome for their own benefit.

Eric J.

COMING tomorrow! Ads Unfiltered readers actually like! (Yes, there are some.) Meantime, keep those nominations coming!

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