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March 19, 2009

Memphis could be in trouble

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I’m courtside at the Sprint Center in Kansas City today and I’ll check in on Unfiltered from time to time. I’m also blogging over at my KC Star hub, if you want to check in there.

Right now, Northridge leads Memphis — my pick to win the whole bracket — by a point with 13:52 to play. It’s been a stunner. Memphis is not playing with the kind of intensity that you’ve come to expect from Coach Cal’s charges. Northridge, on the other hand, has been repeatedly beating the Tigers down the floor to get easy shots. Their point guard, Mark Hill, is playing out of his head in the second half. The ratio of Memphis fans to Matador fans here is about 2000:1. However, every neutral fan in the place has become a de facto Cal-Northridge booster. The place is really getting loud. Buckle up your seats on this one.

If Memphis can survive, we’ve seen that a shaky first round performance doesn’t necessarily bleed over into subsequent games. Survive and advance, as the mantra goes. If the Tigers do fall in what would be a jaw-dropping development, that’d open a nice path to the Final Four for Mizzou.

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