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March 16, 2009

Tomorrow’s Memes Today!

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The sound you do not hear is the sound of gossip.

It’s March. The brackets are set. We should talking about the coaches who were just fired and, more especially, gossiping about the coaches who want badly to be hired into those positions. Yet, unless you’re speculating furtively on who’s going to replace Dennis Wolff at Boston University, you’re not doing that kind of gossiping right now. Why not? 

We here at Tomorrow’s Memes Today! think it’s the economy. Indeed TMT is proud to have brought this meme to you first, before a certain fly-by-night “news” organization followed rather feebly in our footsteps. The fact that last week passed without any morning-after dismissals was particularly notable.

That’s not to say an axe couldn’t fall this week or even today. But it would appear that the buyouts negotiated on behalf of coaches two or three years ago are looming large in 2009. 

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