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March 15, 2009


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I know I said I’d wait until tomorrow, but….Arizona? Really? Last year, they got in when a third of their schedule was hand-waved away as a product of injuries. This year, they go 2-9 on the road, do absolutely nothing out of state, fall apart down the stretch, finish .500 in conference, get waxed in the conference quarterfinal…and get in?

They weren’t one of my first eight out. Their case is the eight top-100 wins. EVERYTHING¬†else is a negative.

This seems like a repudiation of everything the committee has said over the last decade. Creighton went 8-4 on the road, finished tied for first in their league, and had nine top-100 wins, admittedly mostly 51-100.

I just don’t understand this selection in the context of the last decade. The committee has selected the big-conference team that did less than the minimum over the mid-major that did very well, though not perfectly, with what it had.

I know I said there would be no arguing, but…this is a failure. It’s the only mistake they made, but it was a doozy.

Watch next year, as Arizona tries to lower the bar for selection yet again.

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