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February 26, 2009, 12:23 PM ET
Chat Tomorrow, PLUS: Tempo-Free Twins!

by John Gasaway

Join me tomorrow at noon Eastern for the live chat thing. Click here tomorrow to go live or do it now and submit your question in advance. All topics welcomed! Keep me on my toes and make up a team. (”Hey, John, where’s the love for Cal State-Oxnard? The Mugus really look like they’re peaking at the right time!”) 

And because I believe that no Unfiltered post should be limited to a shameless plug for a chat, please accept this moment of tempo-free Zen:

When two teams in the same conference each score and allow the exact same number of points per trip in league play, those teams are performing at levels that are really, really similar.

Behold the twins 
Through games of February 25, conference games only
Pace: possessions per 40 minutes
PPP: points per possession    Opp. PPP: opponent points per possession
EM: efficiency margin (PPP - Opp. PPP)

                 Pace    PPP    PPP      EM
Kansas           69.0    1.09   0.92   +0.17
Missouri         73.1    1.09   0.92   +0.17

Rutgers          67.4    0.94   1.08   -0.14
St. John’s       66.8    0.94   1.08   -0.14 

San Diego St.    63.5    1.05   0.99   +0.06
UNLV             66.4    1.05   0.99   +0.06


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