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January 30, 2009

A Chat, an Apology and a Link

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Three quick hits on a Thursday night while I try to forget about UW’s non-existent defense tonight at Arizona.

– I’ll be chatting tomorrow morning at In case you checked earlier in the week, note that the chat will now be at 2 p.m. Eastern as opposed to the original 1 p.m. time. I’ll be busy earlier explaining to high schoolers why they should work in sports. If you can’t make it for the chat itself, remember that you can always leave me a question now and come back for the transcript.

– I owe a major, major apology to the talented behind-the-scenes Prospectus technical folks. It is absolutely inexcusable that I did not make any mention in my introduction of our new stats pages of the work done by the brothers Pease (primarily Jeff but also Dave) in putting together the pages and Bil Burke in getting the data from our Excel spreadsheets to the Internet. They really deserve all the credit; Bradford and I are basically innocent bystanders in the process.

– Lastly, in case anyone’s interested, I’ve started a Twitter account to share some quick-hitting thoughts on the NBA and college hoops that can be contained within 140 characters and don’t rise to the level of even a BP: Unfiltered post. I was inspired by @THE_REAL_SHAQ‘s Twitter prominence.

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