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January 21, 2009

Don’t Stand Next to Georgia Tech

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If you did you’d probably be struck by lightning, or a safe would fall on you, or your plane would hit a flock of birds. At least that’s the way things are going for the Yellow Jackets these days.

After last night’s 80-76 loss at home to Boston College in overtime, Paul Hewitt‘s team stands at 0-5 in the ACC. The Ramblin’ Wreck was handled with relative ease by Duke, but each of the other four games has been competitive and indeed three of them have gone to OT. Tech has lost them all.

Clearly this team is on-track to be for 2009 what Illinois was to 2008: cursed with an ugly record, but also achieving respectable performance on a possession by possession basis. Indeed Georgia Tech has actually performed a hair better than 2-2 Miami in per-possession terms. At some point–maybe this season, maybe next–the ball will bounce their way.

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