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January 21, 2009

My Blogroll

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Today’s announcement of the True Hoop blog network is big news in the NBA blogosphere. Many of my favorite bloggers have joined together with “the Blogfather,” True Hoop’s Henry Abbott, in this new ESPN venture. It seems telling that while hired a bunch of former newspaper writers to blog about the NFL (by division) and NCAA Football (by conference), for the NBA it is turning to the bloggers already on the Web. The NBA’s blogosphere has evolved into a strong and diverse voice over the last several years, bigger and better than for the other major sports. Maybe NBA fans translate better to the digital world.

As a relative old-timer on this new-fangled Interweb who was essentially blogging back before anyone had ever coined the term or created the software, the development has been something to behold. About five years ago I first started reading the early NBA blogs, like Blog-a-Bull and KnickerBlogger, and it was fun to keep up with the newcomers. Now there are so many NBA blogs the challenge is finding time to pay attention to all the worthwhile ones. Fortunately, True Hoop and its Yahoo! counterpart, Ball Don’t Lie, do a great job of spotlighting the standouts.

Anyways, since BP Unfiltered does not have a blogroll, I thought I would take the occasion to share my favorites. Apologies to anyone I left out; I may just not have gotten around to reading your blog on a regular basis.


True Hoop – The dean of NBA blogs
Ball Don’t Lie – My favorite NBA blog, combining J.E. Skeets‘ comedy with Kelly Dwyer‘s trenchant analysis
Blog-a-Bull – The original NBA team blog
ClipperBlog – Kevin Arnovitz might be my closest philosophical match out there, combining statistical analysis with detailed tape breakdown
Forum Blue and Gold (Lakers) – So good even Celtics fans enjoy it
Beyond the Arc (Grizzlies) – Chris Herrington of the Memphis Flyer combines a big-picture perspective with insider access
KnickerBlogger – Nobody in the blogosphere does statistical analysis like Mike K.
Third Quarter Collapse (Magic) – Quickly becoming one of my go-to reads, and not just because they asked me to do a Q&A this week
Blazer’s EdgeDave Deckard supplies uniquely even-keel perspective, while Benjamin Golliver is in the locker room (and the practice facility)
Sactown Royalty – A blog this good deserves a better team to cover


The Painted Area (which would be a daily read if they only updated a little more often)
FreeDarko (ditto – also Nathaniel Friedman on The Sporting News Blog)
NBA FanHouse
Detroit Bad Boys
Canis Hoopus
Hornets 247
Daily Thunder
Bullets Forever

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