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February 6, 2013

What is the “full statistical treatment,” anyway?

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Yesterday Mike DeCourcy brought my name and Marcus Smart‘s together again. I can only infer that Mike wants to start up the same kind of traveling avuncular sparring road show that Jeff Goodman and Ken Pomeroy have maintained so entertainingly, where I’m the brash and unfailingly clueless neophyte Ken to Mike’s Goodman, a crusty yet benign guardian of the game chuckling at the crazy stuff kids write these days.

I’m flattered. I’ve been an avid reader and huge fan of Mike’s for years, and in fact he was the second person I ever got the nerve up to ask for an interview for use on the blog I did back in the day. He graciously said yes to a blogger no one had ever heard of, and he gave me a day’s worth of great content where I didn’t have to write a thing. I don’t forget people who create situations wherein I look good with a minimum of exertion. So, absolutely, I’m very pro-DeCourcy.

For my side of the sparring I’m going to borrow a page from the Annales school of historiography. Here, without any interceding comments, are the words….

On December 6, I rated Smart the No. 14 freshman in the nation:

The next day in a tweet to an OSU fan I said Smart suffered from low FG%s but that I wouldn’t “be surprised if No. 14’s [Smart’s] floor in future 25s.”

Mike, December 10:

Me, December 11:

Me again, a month later on January 10:

Me yet again, on January 17:

And, yes, me one last time, as I watched Smart destroy Kansas in the final minutes in Lawrence:

Which finally brings us to Mike, yesterday:

Different readers will make different choices regarding who’s presented the more accurate narrative of Smart’s performance throughout the season, yours truly or my colleague who nominated a point guard shooting 23 percent on his not infrequent threes for national player of the year.

Meantime allow me to note that the toy department’s somehow navigated itself into a strange and rather arid corner, surely, when noting how many shots a player makes is dismissed (“the full statistical treatment”) as newfangled, abstruse, and extraneous to the task of covering a contest between two teams to see which one can make the most shots.

Mike and I are pleased to announce that our avuncular sparring is now available for mall openings, birthday parties, and bar and bat mitzvahs. Click the link below.

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