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2011 SCHOENE Projections now available!

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2011 SCHOENE Projections

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Downloadable sample spreadsheet

2011 SCHOENE sample spreadsheet

Now, you can download SCHOENE's exclusive projections for the 2011-12 fantasy season in spreadsheet form. Our projections are based on each player's stats over the last three seasons, the development of similar players at the same age, team and projected role. The spreadsheet costs just $7.95 and includes weekly updates between now and opening night.

The SCHOENE spreadsheet offers rankings customized to the most common NBA fantasy setups--10 or 12 teams and nine-category or eight-category (without turnovers). Users also have the freedom to change projected minutes per game as desired and see the effects.

Additionally, the SCHOENE spreadsheet includes helpful information including the most similar players and the percentage of comparable players who improved, broke out or coppaged as seen in Pro Basketball Prospectus 2011-12. To see a sample of what the SCHOENE spreadsheet provides, click here.

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