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Pro Basketball Prospectus 2012-13

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ISBN: 1480080195

Downloadable sample chapters

Foreword by Kevin Pritchard, Indiana General Manager

Brooklyn Nets team chapter

Miami Heat player comments

About the Book

The Pro Basketball Prospectus series returns for a fourth season to preview the 2012-13 NBA campaign. Basketball Prospectus has been at the cutting edge of the league's statistical revolution, exploring how teams win and why as well as integrating plenty of old-fashioned tape and first-hand observation to analyze players and teams. Now in its third year, Pro Basketball Prospectus has been called "insistently readable" and "consistently eye-opening" by FreeDarko.

Pro Basketball Prospectus 2012-13 features:

  • Essays on all 30 teams
  • Five-year team trend tables
  • Info-packed tables on every player who saw NBA action in 2011-12 or who can be expected to be seen in the upcoming season, including their advanced stats for the last three seasons, their skill ratings and their contract status
  • Commentary on every player
  • Team and player contract information and salary-cap analysis
  • The results of Kevin Pelton's dynamic SCHOENE projection system, both for players and teams
  • Fantasy rankings and analysis based on SCHOENE
  • Insight from blog authors on their teams
  • A foreword by Indiana Pacers general manager Kevin Pritchard
  • Feature essays, including research and analysis by Prospectus contributors Dan Feldman and Neil Paine.

"Anyone who reads what Brad and Kevin have put together cannot help but come out a smarter fan on the other end. Basically, if you consider yourself a basketball fan and you are not reading this book, then you ought to turn in your serious fan credentials."
- Daryl Morey, general manager, Houston Rockets

"THE book for any NBA fan - entertaining, massive, featuring innovative ratings and projections. There's new research that breaks ground, often slipped into insightful team or player profiles, and bold predictions (some of which, fortunately, are fallible)."
- Roland Beech, director of quantitative analysis, Dallas Mavericks.

"This is partly a reference book, but every NBA fan should sit down with this book before the season and read it cover to cover, like a novel. It's a story of my team, your team, everybody's team, and, no matter how much basketball you watch, will make you look at the game in a way you never have before."
- Will Leitch, contributing editor, New York Magazine; founder, Deadspin; author of God Save the Fan

"Basketball Prospectus is using a lot of the best statistical knowledge on basketball to paint pictures of how NBA teams are evolving--who they were in 2011-12 and who they are becoming in the future."
- Dean Oliver, director, production analytics, ESPN; author of Basketball on Paper

"One of the beautiful parts of NBA basketball is that there's so much more going on than meets the eye. Well, here's all the stuff you can't see--the in-depth statistics, the breakdown of individual players, the reasons why the best teams win in the fourth quarter. Want to know who is the next star, who belongs on the bench, which teams are ready to step up and fall off? This is the place. People say baseball is a sport of statistics, but the Prospectus shows once again that it isn't the sport, it's the analysis that counts."
- Joe Posnanski, senior columnist, Sports on Earth; author of The Soul of Baseball and The Machine

Pro Basketball Prospectus 2012-13 now available!

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