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College Basketball Prospectus 2010-11

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ISBN: 1453872825

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Foreword by Brad Stevens

Introduction by John Gasaway

Table of Contents

Miami preview by Ken Pomeroy

VCU preview by Drew Cannon

About the Book

In the three years since its inception, Basketball Prospectus has quickly become essential for anyone who's passionate about college basketball and wants to better understand both the game and their favorite team. Now the kind of Prospectus hoops insight that the New York Times has called "indispensable" has been collected into one definitive book for the coming year, the College Basketball Prospectus 2010-11.

Combining the most advanced statistical analysis with intensive scouting and an inquisitive love of the game, the College Basketball Prospectus contains previews of all 345 D-I teams. You'll also find original essays on everything from forecasting the 2011 draft and creating a better team projection system to defining the role of luck and explaining the slow but unmistakable disappearance of turnovers from D-I hoops. Prospectus takes note of sound bites when appropriate but is above all based on on-court realities.

Whether you're a fan of the A-10 or A-Sun, SWAC or WAC, Big West, Mountain West, Great West, or West Coast, the College Basketball Prospectus is required reading.

"Basketball Prospectus is a fantastic tool for anyone in college basketball. It's not just some guy's opinion. It's analysis based on hard data that makes you really think about the game."
- Eric Reveno, Head Coach, University of Portland

"Without Basketball Prospectus even the most trained eye would fail to discern every critical aspect of a team or player. I rely on Prospectus to fill in gaps, persuade me to view the game differently, and to bolster or change my beliefs based on fact and not perception. Prospectus presents true team and player values, makes reliable projections, and makes it all easy to understand so any fan can get more out of the game."
- Jay Bilas, ESPN Basketball Analyst

"Basketball Prospectus is a must-read for any hard-core hoops fan. I always keep a copy handy. It's the kind of in-depth substantive analysis that's getting harder to find these days."
- Seth Davis, College Basketball Reporter, Sports Illustrated and CBS Sports

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Latest News

Nov 13 - Good news--College Basketball Prospectus 2010-11 is now available for purchase in paperback, as well as PDF. The book weighs in at a stout 358 pages this year--that's nearing twice the page count of last year's edition--but at $19.95 list price, it's only $3.00 more than last year. You can click here to buy a copy of the book from Createspace, or if you prefer to purchase from Amazon.com, the book will be available there soon.
Dave Pease

Nov 9 - Earlier versions of the CBP 2010-11 previewed 344 D-I teams--we somehow failed to include a writeup for the Citadel. To get that 345th preview update your PDF today. If you've already purchased the PDF the update is of course free: simply visit "manage my profile" at Baseball Prospectus (or click here). Kudos and an autographed copy of the 359-page glossy-cover College Basketball Prospectus 2010-11 (due out in a few days) to alert reader Andrew M
John Gasaway

Nov 5 - We've just pushed the first update of the College Basketball Prospectus 2010-11 PDF, with a few very small updates. If you've purchased the PDF, as always, you'll get all future updates for free. To download the updated PDF, visit your "manage my profile" page at Baseball Prospectus (or click here).
Dave Pease

Nov 4 - The essential 359-page guide to the college hoops season is now available as a PDF for just $9.94. Why, that's just pennies per tempo-free preview! The paperback version will be available from CreateSpace.com very soon and of course from Amazon soon after that. We covered all 345 D-I teams. The PDF will look super nifty on your iPad. The guy who did the Foreword's kind of well known. Want to know what I think? You should buy this book.
John Gasaway

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