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Week ending on Thursday, January 29 2009.


Thursday, January 29

The All-Underrated Team: Ten Names You Should Know

by John Gasaway

It's high time that these ten outstanding but overlooked players were recognized.

NBA Roundtable: At The Half

by and Kevin Pelton

With the first half of the season in the books, BP's NBA team discusses what we've seen and what's to come.

Wednesday, January 28

The Rookie Challenge: Choosing Up Sides

by Kevin Pelton

With a mix of statistical and observational evidence--and a nod to star potential--Kevin picks the teams for this year's All-Star Weekend event.

Tuesday, January 27

The Basketball Prospectus Stats Pages: Introduction

by Kevin Pelton

In-depth statistical and analytical information on every player and team in the NBA is now available at the click of a mouse.

The List: Week of January 27, 2009

by John Perrotto

Six of the top seven teams in the land hail from just two conferences.

: Week of January 26, 2009

by Bradford Doolittle

Last week's darlings, the Orlando Magic, stumbled, meaning we once again have a clear top tier and then everyone else.

Monday, January 26

The Other Seven Guys: Picking All-Star Reserves

by Kevin Pelton

Picking the bench players for the All-Star Game requires using a mix of current-season performance and career value.

Conference Check: Still-Early Edition

by John Gasaway

The latest tempo-free stats from conference play say that Duke's been every bit as impressive in January as North Carolina was in December, the Big East might be more top-heavy than we thought, and Missouri is bringing ACC pace to the Big 12.

Sunday, January 25

Around the Rim: Toughness in Lubbock

by John Perrotto

Pat Knight isn't a carbon copy of his famous father, but he does value particular traits the same way Bobby did.

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