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Book Foreword, written by Jay Bilas (ESPN Basketball Analyst)

Oklahoma Sooners team essay and player analysis

In the two years since its inception, Basketball Prospectus has quickly become required reading for anyone who's passionate about college basketball and wants to better understand both the game and their favorite team. Now the distinctive and detailed college hoops insight that Prospectus provides all season long has been collected into one definitive book for the coming year, The College Basketball Prospectus 2009-10: Major-Conference Preview.

Combining the most advanced statistical analysis with intensive scouting and an inquisitive love of the game, the Major-Conference Preview is packed with over 100,000 words of exclusive analysis available nowhere else. All 73 teams in the ACC, Big 12, Big East, Big Ten, Pac-10, and SEC are previewed in-depth. You'll find:

  • Original analysis by John Gasaway, Ken Pomeroy, and Dan Hanner.
  • Individual breakdowns of each returning player that saw regular minutes in 2009, as well as each new player that promises to contribute in 2010.
  • Tempo-free profiles for each team's offense and defensive performance.
  • The part the coaches like-detailed multi-year trend analyses of performance in-conference, based on data available exclusively from Prospectus.

The Major-Conference Preview also includes John Perrotto's overview of what to expect from the mid-majors this season, as well as an entire section devoted to the following "thoughts for a new season":

  • Gasaway on the actual relationship between two things everyone just assumes go hand-in-hand in college basketball: returning starters and success.
  • Pomeroy on the true value of DeJuan Blair's "historic" offensive rebounding for Pitt in 2008-09.
  • Bradford Doolittle on the demonstrated impact that coaches with Final Four experience have once they get their team back to the NCAA tournament.
  • Kevin Pelton on what the NBA-at least the perceptive part thereof—thinks of this year's crop of college prospects.
  • Will Carroll on "the hardwood and the damage done," a sobering look at what the increasingly common practice of year-round basketball is doing to top players and their still-young bodies.
  • John Perrotto on what to expect from the mid-majors this season.

"Books this comprehensive and informative are not supposed to be nearly this entertaining. Every page has something you didn't know, and are now glad you do."
- Will Leitch, contributing editor, New York Magazine; founder, Deadspin; author of God Save the Fan

"The College Basketball Prospectus was a revelation when it debuted in 2008-09. I watch so many hours of basketball that I tend to regard preview publications as refresher courses, but CBP is the rare book that gives you valuable new insight into teams and players. The analysis from John Gasaway and Ken Pomeroy isn't just original. They're working with information no one else has, because they've personally (and painstakingly) compiled it over the past six seasons. Tempo-free stats are making their way into the college hoops mainstream, and the College Basketball Prospectus is at the forefront of the movement."
- Luke Winn, Sports Illustrated

"As a basketball junkie, I can't imagine going into a new season without the College Basketball Prospectus. Ken Pomeroy and John Gasaway take you inside the numbers and get you to look at college basketball in a unique and informative way. For me the book is a must-read."
- Fran Fraschilla, ESPN

College Basketball Prospectus 2009-10 now available!

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