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October 10, 2007
Basketball Prospectus

by Joe Sheehan


This is going to be fun.

Today, we launch the latest in the Prospectus family of products, a Web site that we believe will become as popular within its sport as our baseball site is in its, and our football book is among gridiron fans. Welcome to Basketball Prospectus, a site that will cover the game using the next-level metrics, objective analysis, critical thought and great writing that has been the hallmark of our company for the last 11 years. We will cover both the NBA and the college game, from training camps and Midnight Madness to The Finals and that other Madness. We'll be introducing you to some of the top analysts of the hardwood game, college and pro, and providing their expertise and their comprehensive statistical reports here at Basketball Prospectus.

The primary contributors will be:

  • Ken Pomeroy. Pomeroy's name will be familiar to those of you who have been reading his blog and his amazing cache of statistics at kenpom.com. Pomeroy's work has been used by Final Four teams in their preparations and by writers and broadcasters nationwide. If you've seen references to a team's pace and efficiency, you're seeing the impact of Pomeroy's insight and innovation. Ken's methods are explained in an introductory piece, and his breakdown of the Atlantic Coast Conference is also part of our launch package.
  • John Gasaway. Gasaway is the brains behind "Big Ten Wonk," one of the most popular and well-written college basketball blogs. Launched three seasons ago, it quickly gained a following among both casual fans and media personalities, notably ESPN's Bill Simmons, Sports Illustrated's Grant Wahl and MSNBC's Mike Miller. John is contributing to our season-opening preview series, and will be writing regularly throughout the college season.
  • Kevin Pelton. Pelton's focus is the men who play for money. He's written about the NBA for 82 Games, Hoopsworld and SI.com, and he hosts the APBRmetrics forum--the hoops version of SABRmetrics--for the discussion of NBA statistical analysis. Pelton works for both the NBA's Seattle SuperSonics and the WNBA's Seattle Storm, and serves as the beat writer for supersonics.com and storm.wnba.com.

In addition to these new faces, Basketball Prospectus will feature contributions from familiar BP writers such as John Perrotto, Will Carroll and Joe Sheehan. As with any new project, we'll be dynamic, and you may see new bylines throughout the year as we strive to make Basketball Prospectus what Baseball Prospectus is: the leading provider of high-caliber content in its sport. The only notable difference between the two sites? Basketball Prospectus will be a free product, with no subscription necessary to access the articles or the stats.

I am personally very excited to be a part of this. I have been a college basketball fan for 20 years, going back to my days as a middle schooler rooting for Chris Mullin, Bill Wennington and the rest of the St. John's Redmen. Those of you familiar with my baseball column know that I usually work in some college basketball talk just after Selection Sunday, and much of what I know comes from reading the work of Ken, of whom I've been a fan for two years now. As John and Kevin have come on my radar, thanks to the tireless work of BP's Nate Silver, it's been a thrill to read their work and realize just how much talent we have on hand as we start this new chapter.

Thanks for being part of the new site, and if you have any thoughts about what we're doing here, please don't hesitate to drop a line to hoopseditor@basketballprospectus.com.

Joe Sheehan
Managing Editor
Basketball Prospectus

Joe Sheehan is an author of Basketball Prospectus. You can contact Joe by clicking here or click here to see Joe's other articles.

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Introduction (10/10)
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ACC Preview (10/11)

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